A DIY Zine

Stories, illustrations, images, photographs, paintings, poems and posters.

Collected works celebrating artistic activity and expressions from the hallucinatory underground – a platform beyond commercial interests and control.

Featuring contributions from contemporary underground artists, borrowed classics, found artefacts and bare-faced rip offs.

Edition 1
The Complete Story Of Assassination

Tablet/Phone version







Edition 2
The Complete Timetable Of Missed Buses/Star Spores: The Book of Layers

Desktop version
Tablet/Phone version (small)
Tablet/Phone version (large)







Edition 3
The Complete Discography Of Misinformation


Released 21 December 2017

Please email us at complete23project@gmail.com to find out how to contribute to upcoming publications and/or receive hardcopies printed on recycled sugar paper by Footprint Workers Cooperative in Leeds.

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Props to the underground, love love love
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